Meanwhile in Ireland: ‘Jet Ski Romeo’ Gets Blasted by Wave While Taking Selfie (Video)

True love will make a man do many things…including stupid ones. Surely you remember the Scottish jet-skier so in love with his girlfriend that he darted across the Irish Sea to visit his lady love on the Isle of Man. Well, he hasn’t been able to stay away from her or the water.

The adrenaline junkie formally known as Dale McLaughlan but nicknamed the “Jet Ski Romeo” was recently taking a selfie video in Northern Ireland at Giant’s Causeway. Right in the middle of filming, he was crushed by a huge wave. Check it out:

The force of the water knocked him onto a bed of rocks and he broke his finger – which kind of seems fitting, since this kind of selfie-taking is pretty narcissistic. He still managed to find and collect his phone, despite the incident, so this won’t be the last we hear – or see – of him.

Still, in this round of man vs. nature, nature definitely won.

Cover Photo: New York Post