Meanwhile in UK: Ingenious Wimp Spent 2 Years Building This Tunnel to His Shed to Avoid the Rain

Photo: Bav Media

If you’ve ever been to the United Kingdom, specifically England, you’re aware that it’s not known for its great, sunny, warm weather. In fact, England is known for its gray days featuring random mist and sometimes total downpours out of nowhere. Normally, to avoid getting waterlogged, bringing an umbrella or a light raincoat makes sense. Usually, you don’t dig a tunnel to avoid rain at all costs.

But that’s exactly what a man named Colin Furze did. The 42-year-old inventor and Youtuber decided back in November of 2018 to build a tunnel from his kitchen to his backyard shed. And instead of simply thinking that it would be a great idea, in the years since, he actually did it.

To create his tunnel, the rain hating man shoveled more than three and a half tons of dirt and rocks below his back yard. The funniest twist is that he did all of his work when his neighbors were away because he didn’t want to annoy them with the loud banging noises.

The tunnel starts in his kitchen and is currently four feet wide and six and a half feet high. He had to dig the whole tunnel by hand to go under his garden, garage, and eventually end up in the shed. But, as you can see in the above video, he didn’t just stop there. He created a whole underground, mancave bunker.