Ben Affleck Spotted Hanging Out with J. Lo, Hopefully Just Dating Again and Never Making ‘Gigli 2’

Ben Affleck is at it again, this time with former flame and all-around screen queen Jennifer Lopez. We just really hope it’s because they’re dating again and not rehearsing for the sequel to Gigli.

For those who don’t remember ancient history, back in 2003, the actors were engaged to be married. After motoring down the red carpet as Hollywood’s rising power couple, their on-again-off-again relationship finally broke down for good in 2004. Or so we thought.

Now internet sleuths are saying the couple might be back on-again after a series of sightings over the past week appear to be more than just coincidences. It all began in April, ten days before A-Rod publicly (and woefully) announced he was a free agent when Affleck slyly praised J. Lo’s recent feature in InStyle magazine. At first, it seemed like nothing more than an innocent, offhand comment.

But then on May 2, at a vaccination event hosted by Jimmy Kimmel in which both actors appeared, Lopez opened her musical performance with a song she’d written for Affleck (and has notoriously avoided performing for nearly 20 years) while Ben smiled from the wings. Weird, right?

Three days later, eyewitnesses spotted Affleck casually leaving J. Lo’s LA pad. That seemingly platonic meetup nearly gave us a panic attack as rumors of a new project circulated, until it was later confirmed the couple took a weekend trip to Affleck’s Montana ranch, making a very public return to LA on May 10. With the couple seen cozying up on a private jet, the world collectively breathed a sigh of relief.

With fears of a Gigli reboot momentarily assuaged, we can now bask in the shocking return of Bennifer (yep, that’s their nickname and we guarantee it’s coming back). After 17 years, a marriage, and countless swoon-worthy girlfriends, Affleck has returned to the original Fly Girl. We just hope after all these years, she’s still just Jenny from the block.

Cover Photo: James Devaney (Getty Images)

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