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Brad Pitt Look-Alike Says Dating Is a Struggle Because He’s So Damn Attractive (Nice Problem to Have)

You’d think looking like a celebrity would give you an advantage in the dating game, especially if said celebrity was Brad Pitt. But according to one Englishman who resembles the iconic actor, it makes finding a mate near impossible.

His name is Nathan Meads, and he’s a 35-year-old contractor and single dad who moonlights as a Brad Pitt impersonator in his spare time.


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“I was first told when I was 20 years old that I looked like Brad Pitt and this continued for about 10 years but I would always just laugh it off,” he told Jam Press.

When people see him, they assume he’s related to the Meanwhile in Hollywood actor – or that his mom had an affair with the movie star.

“A lot of people, even now, will do a double-take when they walk past me or will ask me for a picture, although some of them just take pictures without me realizing,” he said.

You’ve gotta admit: the resemblance is uncanny.


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A post shared by Nathan Meads (@bradpitt_lookalike)

But those all-American good looks make dating difficult. When he’s tried online dating, he’s been accused of trying to catfish the opposite sex with fake profiles or has been stalked by women obsessed with his celebrity doppelganger.

“I just deleted my dating profiles and I’m just staying single,” he said. “I’m not really looking for love anyway and don’t want to settle down as my daughters are my world and my biggest priority. I’m not looking for my Angelina.”

While Mead has yet to meet Pitt, he hopes to one day. They seem to have a lot in common – aside from attractiveness, they’re both dads and seem down-to-Earth. In the meantime, Mead will enjoy all the perks that come from a resemblance this strong, including invites to red carpet events.

Who knows – maybe he’ll run into the real Angelina Jolie and create Bragelina 2.0.

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