Meanwhile on TikTok: 91-Year-Old Grandpa Hilariously Trolls Granddaughter With Dating Advice, And What the Hell Is a Sock Hop?

When you’re on the cusp of 30 and all alone, nothing in life will cheer you up faster than your own grandpa trolling you on TikTok. In fact, the heartwarming move is sheer genius because there’s really no better way to line up potential suitors than by going viral.

Illinois single lady Megan Elizabeth’s dating status was not lost on her 91-year-old grandpa, who began sending her text messages voicing his concern ahead of her 29th birthday. After the concerned texts began to snowball, Megan (who goes by @meganelizabeth1016) knew she had to share them on TikTok.

The first message reads, “This is grandpa. I read an article that said if you do not find a life partner by 29 you are most likely to die alone. Your birthday is coming up in 3 months. Just wanted to let you know. Love, Grandpa.”

As if that didn’t give Megan enough to think about, pop pop then follows up with, “Megan, This is Grandpa. I hope you are keeping the weight off. Remember, heart disease runs in our family. Love, Grandpa.”

Finally, the nonagenarian begins to show his true wisdom with this slapper, “Hi Megan. I hope you aren’t drinking a lot. I saw on the news alcohol sales are sky-high because millennials are depressed. Love you always, Grandpa.”

Check out the uplifting clip below but be warned, it may melt the ice around your heart (just a little):

@meganelizabeth1016Shhhh…. He will never know ##ilied ##grandpa ##thanks ##thanksgrandpa ##blesshim ##foreversingle ##millennial ##family ##toxictiktok ##fy ##foryou♬ Can You Feel the Love Tonight – Boyce Avenue & Connie Talbot

Of course, every message from gramps included an intro and sign-off, just in case, Megan didn’t know who was leaving her these pearls of wisdom. The hilarious exchanges have quickly made the duo a fan favorite and for good reason.

“I am so glad that people are enjoying my videos of the texts between my grandpa and I,” Megan posted to social media. “The comments I am receiving from people saying how my videos made their day and how they want to ‘adopt’ my grandpa makes me so happy.”

While this is sure to put a smile on your face, the best part has got to be that grandad has no idea any of this is even happening. As his loving relationship with Megan racks up millions of views on TikTok, he’s none the wiser. And we have the evidence to prove it:

“Megan. It is grandpa. I read an article that other countries are using data from a website called TikTok to use it against America,” gramps warned. “Do you have a TikTok? Be careful. Love, gpa.”

Grandpas are the best.

@meganelizabeth1016My bad taste in men ANYWAY… SLEEPOVER THIS WEEKEND!!!!  ##jokster ##sofunny ##grandpa ##pizza ##sleepover ##soundofmusic ##lovehim ##fy ##foryou♬ My Favourite Things – Julie Andrews

Cover Photo: TikTok (@meganelizabeth1016)

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