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a man takes a big bite of a greasy hamburger. shallow DOF.

Fast Food Menu Items You Should Never Eat (According to Employees Who Know)

You know fast food is bad. Bad for your body. Bad for your soul. But it’s usually of the “so bad it’s good” variety. And as long as you aren’t eating it for every meal, what’s the harm, right? Wrong.

A viral Reddit thread recently posted by user Caseykins asked fast-food employees, “What’s one item on your respective chain’s menu that you will absolutely not eat under any circumstances?” Oh, boy, did they sound off. Thousands of them. What they said is the stuff of your junk food nightmares.

We’ve whittled their observations down to the 10 worst offenders, but if you want to really gross yourself out, have a scroll through the whole conversation. You’ll never look at fast food the same way again – and you definitely won’t want to eat it.

Cover Photo: snapphoto (Getty Images)

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