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Science Says We Haven’t Reached Peak Number of Hot Dogs We Can Consume in Competition, Fat Asses

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On the Fourth of July, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest took place in New York City. It’s the most well-known eating competition in the world and this year, instead of throngs of overly excited hot dog enthusiasts in attendance, there was no crowd on hand to watch famed eater Joey Chestnut gobble down a ridiculous (and stomach-churning) 75 hot dogs with buns in only 10 minutes. It would seem that an eating feat of this magnitude would be the gastronomical pinnacle of man and that we could go no further. But, according to scientists, we can eat way more hot dogs in 10 minutes.

James Smoliga, a physiologist at High Point University, was reading research about track and field and the limits the human body can reach. He began to wonder if similar research could be used to figure out how many hot dogs a person could actually eat.

Smoliga turned to math for the answer. He used a model created by Stanford biologist Mark Denny. Denny’s model had been used to determine the maximum running speed of various animals. Obviously Smoliga figured this could be used to count hot dogs.

What he found was that not only is Joey Chestnut not living up to expectations, he’s not even close. The researcher calculated that a human could theoretically chow down on a crazy 83 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Since we know now this, we can only assume that Chestnut and company will raise their game to a new level next year when fans are (hopefully) back in attendance. Let’s hope he can keep that many hot dogs down.

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