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Viral TikTok Ritz Cracker Hack Shows You How to Properly Cut the Cheese (No, Really)

It’s time to cut the cheese. Seriously. A viral TikTok video from Ritz recently blew minds (and stoked appetites) as it revealed what those infamous ridges on the buttery snack crackers are for: cutting cheese.

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The video, titled “the more you know,” comes from @theritzcrackersofficial. In it, an anonymous pair of hands demonstrates how the scalloped edges of the cracker can be used to slice through cheese so you can create an epic tower of cracker-and-cheese deliciousness.

TikTokers were aghast at the revelation that the cracker’s shape wasn’t designed for aesthetic, but practical, purposes.

“My life is a lie,” one commented.

“That’s not what they’re for,” another – clearly in denial – said. “You just made this up.”

“But we’re Ritz, we’re allowed to,” the cracker brand quipped back.

Whether or not the origin of the cracker’s ridges is the unvarnished truth or just clever marketing is up to you to decide. It would be just as easy to tear the cheese apart with your fingers, or slice it nicely with a knife. But it is kind of fun to play with your food in this way. We’ll give it a try. After all, who can refuse a new, creative way to cut the cheese? (And, no, that joke never gets old, unlike crackers.)

Cover Photo: @theritzcrackersofficial (TikTok)