Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon Reveals Secret Spicy Mango-Eating Routine, And the Internet Goes Wild!

Most people have at least one strange eating habit. Whether it’s pouring yourself a bowl of Lucky Charms but only devouring the marshmallows, noshing down on a fast-food burger in your car en route to your real dinner, or making edible towers out of Saltines smothered with Cheez Whiz while you binge-watch bad TV, we all do weird stuff with food sometimes. But seeing a celebrity’s secret snacking strategy is somethin’ else. Kevin Bacon recently discovered this when he broke the internet while showing fans how he eats mangoes.

“I just wanted to show you my morning mango routine,” he told TikTok and Instagram followers in a now-viral video posted on Sunday. The actor spoke in a whisper out of respect for his wife of 30 years, Kyra Sedgwick, who was asleep elsewhere in the house at the time he filmed the 86-second video.

Bacon held a hunk of mango in his palm and quietly sliced the flesh lengthwise, then crosswise, without cutting the skin. “My favorite part…” he said before flipping the fruit out and showing off his perfectly cubed creation. “No stringy parts in your teeth.”

If you think fruit is too tame to be taboo, think again. Bacon doesn’t just like his tropical treat plain; he seasoned it with an ample dash of chili powder, a sprinkle of sea salt, and a spritz of lime juice. Then he dove in, wiped the juice from his mouth with the back of his hand and declared his fruit snack “pretty good.”

Does it qualify as a thirst trap if it makes us crave mango? Because this vid definitely does.

Cover Photo: @kevinbacon (Instagram)

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