Mandatory Style: Bella Hadid and Irina Shayk Rock Thong Jeans in New Trend Our Covid Bods Can’t Pull Off

Covid has not been kind to our asses. Literally. What started off as the Quarantine 15 has ballooned closer to the Quarantine 25. We hope we can drop the weight as vaccinations increase and the temperature rises, allowing us to work out at the gym or outdoors. But in the meantime, we’re going to be sticking to our tried-and-true wardrobe of elastic-waist pants and XXL T-shirts.

Not everyone is like us, though. Supermodels, for example, seem to be weathering the pandemic just fine. Bella Hadid and Irina Shayk recently rocked the runway in “spiral jeans” by designer Casey Cadwallader for Mugler’s Spring 2021 collection. The pants feature panels made of Lycra that make it look like the jeans ride up the wearer’s butt like a denim thong.

As if that weren’t risqué enough, Hadid’s top involved a sheer corset with one black band across her boobs, creating the illusion that a thick piece of masking tape was, um, holding her “breast” assets together.

The Italian-made, high-waisted, skinny fit jeans retail for about $574 on Mugler’s website.

But let’s be honest: even if we could afford these pants, there’s no way any of us could squeeze into them right now, much less look good in them. Try us again in a year, when maybe, just maybe, we’ll be slimmer versions of our current selves.

Photos: Mugler

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