RANKED! The Best (And Worst) Digital Platforms For Quarantine Sex

Social distancing has a lot of people bored, home, and horned up. Those lucky enough to be in quarantine with a significant other are having more sex than ever. Conversely, the unlucky and lonely have been utilizing the 21st century’s wide and redundant array of dating apps and digital platforms to find stimulation. Rather than risking their health by going to the bar to find a buddy to bone, these determined individuals are exposing themselves virtually. The Patriot Act be damned, explicit messages have been sent.

Quarantine sex isn’t necessarily safe or easy. Snowden-esque hackers can easily creep on those intimate moments and immortalize your frozen O-face. Regardless, we all have needs, and touching yourself online has never seemed more essential. The best way to go about Operation Ooooo Yeah is to use the most comfortable and secure platforms. If you’re not quite ready to risk it for the biscuit, but still looking to get in on the action, the following list ranks the best and worst digital platforms for quarantine sex.

Cover Photo: Voltage Pictures

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