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Mandatory Good Deed of the Day: Do a Pizza Drop For Someone in Need

It’s a tough time for everyone. Coronavirus fears, shelter-in-place orders, and social distancing have all taken their toll on our mental and physical health. Our lives changed seemingly overnight and while we’ve done our best to adapt to the “new normal,” we still long for the old normal that may never return. The only way we’ll be able to persevere is to lift each other up and keep one another encouraged. That’s why we created the Mandatory Good Deed of the Day. It’s a way to keep you connected to others during quarantine while also injecting a little sunshine into someone’s day (rather than Lysol into their veins, as President Trump recently suggested).

Today’s good deed: the pizza drop. Everyone loves pizza. It’s one of the tastiest, most transportable, most affordable foods available. So why not shower the people you care about with ‘za? Look around and see who’s in need. Maybe it’s your elderly neighbor. Maybe it’s your friends with a new baby. Maybe it’s the health care workers at your local hospital. Whoever it is, order them a savory pie (or several) and drop it on their doorstep (or have it delivered). There isn’t a day that couldn’t be made better with a hot, cheesy slice – and it won’t cost you much or take up too much time (not that you don’t have plenty of that to kill these days). The rush of good feelings from your generous good deed will be even more fulfilling than if you’d eaten the pizza yourself.

Cover Photo: MangoStar_Studio (Getty Images)

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