Celebrate National Beer Day at Home With These 8 New Must-Have Spring Brews

Keeping our minds off of the COVID-19 outbreak and how it has dramatically altered our lives is a full-time job. When we aren’t working from home, we’re filling our days with socially distant walks, board games, overeating, and binge-watching TV and movies. Oh yeah, and naps. A lot of naps. One of the best ways to “get away” from the pandemic panic is to look forward to something — like National Beer Day on April 7. We can’t wait to celebrate.

Obviously, if you’re quarantined in your home, you should order all the beer you’ll need for this epic holiday from a delivery service so you don’t have to venture out and risk infection. And when you do order, make sure to ask for the brews below. They’re our picks for the best new beers to drink this spring.

Photo: m-imagephotography (Getty Images)

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