There’s An Island Filled With Dogs And Clearly It’s The Best Place On Earth

Photo: Facebook/Potcake Place

Name a better place.

This is the first time we’re hearing about a place like this, but boy are we glad we did. This place is called Potcake Place and it is actually a dog rescue center located in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands. So it’s pretty much an island filled with a bunch of adorable dogs.

This great shelter is run by super lucky volunteers and holds up to 70 dogs that according to Potcake Place visitors can play with or adopt. And thanks to this shelter’s efforts they manage to successfully adopt around 500 dogs a year. So kudos.

And obviously we all need to find our way onto this island. And perhaps stay there forever.

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If you’re interested in adopting one of Potcake Place’s dogs you have to be over 25 and ready for the commitment of taking care of a dog. In other words don’t be an a-hole.

And now for more dogs thanks to Facebook.

h/t The LADBible

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