Mandatory Movie Battles: Chucky vs. Annabelle (Killer Doll Edition)

Photo: Universal Pictures/New Line Cinema

Mandatory’s latest showdown comes in the form of a couple of our favorite possessed dolls. In the red corner, we have serial killer Charles Lee Ray inhabiting the freaky-looking Good Guy, Chucky, versus based-on-a-true-story Annabelle, who was taken over by a demon that enjoys masquerading as a young dead girl, Annabelle Mullins, who owned the doll before she was killed in an accident.

Chucky and Annabelle have quite a few similarities, including dedicated fan bases, undergoing physical transformations from one movie to the next, and stretching their canon into expanded universes. What matters here, though, is what sets the dolls apart. With Child’s Play arriving in theaters on June 21 and Annabelle Comes Home following only a few days later on June 26, we felt now was the best time for a Mandatory Movie Battle of doll versus doll as Chucky takes on Annabelle.

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