Doctor Sleep

Mandatory Movies Battles: ‘The Shining’ vs. ‘Doctor Sleep’

After nearly 40 years of not waiting, the sequel to The Shining has finally arrived in theaters. Based on the book of the same name from Stephen King, Doctor Sleep continues the story of a grown-up Danny Torrance years after the traumatic events of his childhood. Although Doctor Sleep is undeniably a sequel the Stanley Kubrick’s psychological horror classic, it’s also designed to reconcile King’s well-publicized issues with the original film. Is the new movie able to match the greatness of its predecessor? Let the battle between The Shining and Doctor Sleep begin!

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The idea of adapting Doctor Sleep is a tricky prospect. It’s a movie that has to forge its own iconography, while also respecting and expanding on The Shining. Luckily it’s also one of the rare legacy sequels that actually fulfills these expectations while also delivering an entertaining viewing experience. Even though Doctor Sleep probably won’t be as iconic as it’s predecessor, it results in an exciting follow-up that works both as a sequel and a standalone story. While Doctor Sleep is a formidable effort, it’s hard to deny that The Shining remains the superior effort – at least for now.

Overall Winner: The Shining

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