Gemini Man

Mandatory Movie Battles: ‘Gemini Man’ vs. ‘I, Robot’

Will Smith isn’t the type of actor that likes to repeat himself. But two of his roles are similar: those in I, Robot and Gemini Man. While these films were released roughly 15 years apart, the latter feels as if it should have been released in the same year as the former. Although both are entertaining enough, both can be hit-and-miss at times. But only can be deemed superior. Let the battle between Gemini Man and I, Robot begin!

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Even though Gemini Man and I, Robot both linger in the middle ground of Smith’s filmography, the latter is simply a more well-rounded experience. Gemini Man is the weaker film due to its muddled writing. The film’s technical advancements are admirable, as are Lee’s casting choices. Ultimately, I, Robot is the better film, if only because of Gemini Man’s ineptitude.

Overall Winner: I, Robot

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