Old Man Attacked By Pissed Off Kangaroo After Feeding It Toast

Photo: arjayphotography (Getty)

Maybe it wasn’t whole wheat toast?

Kangaroos are pretty awesome animals, but they are the type of animals you’d rather not get near because they can beat the hell out of you and seriously injure you. Just ask the poor 80-year-old Australian man in this story.

Paramedics in Bedalong had to treat a man who ended up with multiple cuts to his lower legs, including “one and a half inch lacerations below the knee,” all because he tried to feed a kangaroo some toast with jam and cream on it. But it looks like the kangaroo was not having it at all.

Photo: NSW Ambulance Service

Attending Paramedic Rob Hilliar said the man feeds the kangaroos each morning.

“He’s a lovely bloke who spoils them a little, feeding them jam and cream on toast,” Hilliar said. On this occasion one of the roos was in a bad mood and pushed him over.”

The man was taken to Milton Ulladulla Hospital in stable condition, where he currently remains. Oh, and while the man was being looked at by paramedics the kangaroo was simply chilling.

Photo: NSW Ambulance Service

What a boss.

A spokesman for NSW Ambulance said, while he had not heard of any other recent incidents of kangaroos attacking people, kangaroos are known to be aggressive at times, especially during mating season.

In conclusion, perhaps kangaroos don’t like toast.

h/t Sydney Morning Herald

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