Woman with face mask in her home during stay at home order. Cleaning, and longing to get outside. COVID-19. March 2020

Pandemic Depression Teams Up With Seasonal Depression For the Ultimate End of Year Knockout (10 Ways to Overcome It)

What a time to be alive. When the history books are written, 2020 will go down as one of the most intricate, valuable, and awe-inspiring years in human history. Just kidding. 2020 sucked. It sucked even more for the countless number of people who struggle with depression.

Adding to the typical seasonal depression that comes towards the end of each year, we can now add ‘Pandemic Depression’ to the list of things that keep us in our rooms, under the covers. It’s even worse for the people who have just “regular” depression. All of these combined could lead to a pretty miserable existence for the next few months, which is why we’ve developed 10 ways to overcome this unholy trinity of depression. They say the best defense is a good offense, so we’re going on the offense to combat what we have now dubbed ‘Depression in the Time of Corona.’

Cover Photo: Brandon Colbert Photography, Getty Images

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