Portrait of young man with surgical medical mask in blue casual style shirt standing, scratching his head, looking away and thinking what to do. indoor studio shot, isolated on pink background.

8 Weird Health Symptoms You Can’t Blame on the New Covid Variant

It’s been over two years since we first heard the word “coronavirus” and life changed dramatically for everyone (and for the worse, we’re afraid). We’ve all gone through various stages of Covid panic, from being afraid to leave the house when quarantine first began to happily shunning masks ever-so-briefly in the summers before new, more aggressive variants of the virus emerged.

Now we’re dealing with Omicron, the third incarnation of this damn disease that just won’t quit. As you go about your daily life, somewhere between pre-Covid carefree and lockdown-level-cautious, you probably find yourself overanalyzing health symptoms that emerge.

“Do I have coronavirus?” you’ve probably asked yourself more than once over the past 24 months. Depending on where you live, your vaccination status, and the precautions you take, the chances of the answer being “Yes” vary. But if you experience any of the following eight symptoms, rest assured, your health may be suffering, but what you’re experiencing is likely not Covid-related.

Disclaimer: We’re just comedy writers, not doctors, so don’t take anything we say as a substitute for a medical professional’s diagnosis.

Cover Photo: Khosrork (Getty Images)