Men Spend More Than Women on Impulse Buys, Study Says We’re Fancy Boys

We so fancy. At least that’s what a recent study says when the results showed that men spend more on impulse buys than women. And here women were historically taking the blame for frivolous spending. Shame on us, guys.

According to the Invest In You Spending Survey done by CNBC and Acorns, about 25 percent of men said they spent more than $100 on impulse buys compared to only 16 percent of women doing the same. So for example, when we see a pair of retro sneakers priced over $100 and we just have to get our hands on them, we’re more inclined to cop those compared to women considering spending the same amount for something. Our trigger fingers are more sensitive.

The survey asked 2,803 American adults about their spending habits. That’s a fairly good sample size if we’re trying to ask questions in hopes of getting a general feel for this kind of thing. Almost 200 more women than men of the group had college degrees, which may or may not show that, yeah, they’re smarter than us too.

Much of the spending stems from emotional purchases, and if there’s anything women have gotten a bad rap about, it’s being emotional. Here’s more evidence to show we loose control of our shit more often than the ladies do. We have to do better, guys, so let’s try to stay calm and be better about our finances. Also, go apologize to your girlfriend.

Photo: Cavan Images (Getty Images)

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