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Men Are Bigger Polluters Than Women, Study Reports That Dudes Are Garbage

Men are garbage. We already knew this about some of our brethren, but now we have a study to prove it. New research published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology shows that dudes are to blame for 16% more greenhouse gas emissions than women. That’s because guys are more likely to fill up their vehicles with petrol and diesel, which are detrimental to Mother Earth.

“The way they spend is very stereotypical — women spend more money on home decoration, health and clothes and men spend more money on fuel for cars, eating out, alcohol and tobacco,” study author Annika Carlsson Kanyama said.

Both sexes rack up the highest emissions, however, with travel. Then it breaks off into men dropping their dough on transportation while women spend their hard-earned bacon on food.

Of course, cutting emissions is possible – and essential if we want the planet to outlive us. By eating plant-based diets and taking trains on vacations instead of planes or cars, men and women can cut their emissions by 40 percent.

But good luck getting guys to reduce their reliance on fuel. You have heard of The Fast and the Furious franchise, right?

Cover Photo: timefreeze (Getty Images)



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