RANKED! The 6 Best Rewards Credit Cards For Young People Who Want to Win (But Not Go Into Massive Debt)

The devil is in the details, most of all with credit cards. Reward cards, in particular, are mystifying to many. If you know how to use them, you can earn cool perks. Some cards pay in points, and others in miles or even cash. (Flying on miles makes pat-downs and X-rays feel like massages and visits to the tanning booth.) However, there’s always fine print. Understanding it can be daunting, but not understanding is asking for trouble. Young people with their first credit card are most at risk of going sideways. They are more likely to rack up debt they can’t pay off in a month. They may only make the minimum monthly payment, foolishly carrying a big balance. On the other hand, they can build credit if they know the rules and pay off their bill every month. Here’s a list of six of the best rewards cards for today’s youth.

Photo: Paper Boat Creative (Getty Images)

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