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Octopus Takes MDMA and Gives Handsiest Hug Ever Without Consent, Immediate #MeToo Whistle Blown

An octopus seeks relief from an aquatic court over allegations that he hugged a co-worker without consent. In a motion filed recently, the octopus claims that the fault lies with the scientists who dosed his tank with pure MDMA to research the effects of the drug on cephalopod behavior, specifically human-like emotions that would indicate serotonin release in the brain. As it turns out, octopuses do respond to MDMA similarly to humans, with feelings of warmth, tenderness and an affinity for dance music. The plaintiff alleges that the defendant began inappropriately hugging “with no less than seven protruding members of his body.” But the defendant argues that he was temporarily insane due to the drugs in his system. Lawyers agree that a judgment may be difficult, citing previous cases that set precedent favoring each party. The courts have asked the public to weigh in by reviewing similar cases below.

Photo: Anadolu Agency / Contributor (Getty Images)

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