Burger King Gets ‘Healthy’ and Goes Meatless, Confuses the Point of Going At All

Photo: bowie15 (Getty Images)

We know what you’re thinking: Weren’t those burgers “meatless” to begin with?

As food science accelerates, the meatless trend has hit full stride, creating a debate between what is good for the planet and what is good for your taste buds. Never one to think too closely about consequence, Burger King is chasing the plant-based craze with its very own lab-grown burger (do they even know if it’s healthy? Oh, who cares!).

So far, Impossible Whoppers have been flying off the shelves. But has meatless gone too mainstream? Only time will tell if the sodium-heavy lab burger becomes a mainstay of the fast-food menu, but the odds are in its favor. After all, no one expected quinoa to get this far.

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