Taco Bell

Taco Bell Is Making a Ground Beef Substitute Made From Oats, Still Makes You Crap Your Pants

“Run for the border” has a different meaning for those of us who walk briskly towards the nearest bathroom directly after enjoying spicy Mexican food. But, to us, it’s worth it to get that savory goodness into our rumbling bellies. But Taco Bell is about to abandon everything it stands for now that the chain has decided to get on the plant-based bandwagon and introduce faux meat menu options.

Yes, Taco Bell locations in Europe are introducing meat alternatives that aren’t just lettuce, beans, or an empty, sad taco shell. Made from pulled oats and legumes, the new vegetarian “meat” will be the centerpiece of the not-at-all-tasty sounding “Oatrageous Taco.”

As of yet, there’s no word on when the meatless items will be available for U.S. consumers. But you can bet when they are, vegetarians will all be running for the border to get our hands on them, just like they did with the Impossible Burger. And while we have no idea if this fake meat will run through us like a pack of joggers in the New York City Marathon, at least we’ll feel a little healthier eating it.

Photo: Rachel Murray  (Getty Images)

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