(GERMANY OUT) Ein Kunde von Burger King, Burger King Deutschland GmbH mit Burger King Produkten (Hamburger, Whopper, Pommes Frites). (Photo by Eckel/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

Customers Go Bonkers As Burger King Uses Whopper To Make Point About Net Neutrality

Photo: Eckel/ullstein bild via Getty Images

Thanks to tool Ajit Pai, net neutrality is no longer a thing and people are clearly not happy because no one messes with our internet, no one. Do you know what people also shouldn’t mess with? Our fast food. And since this is America and people enjoy stuffing their face until they pass out, Burger King decided to use their fast food orders to make a point about net neutrality. And customers lost their marbles.

In an ad that has gone viral, customers are stunned to hear that they have to pay an absurd amount of money if they want their Whopper faster. The customer has three options: Slow MBPS Whopper (making burgers per second) for $4.99, fast MBPS Whopper for $12.99, and hyperfast MBPS Whopper for $25.99. So the less you pay the longer you have to wait for your Whopper.

Check out the brilliant ad below:

Now that’s how you make an ad. Now, are these customers actors? Perhaps. But kudos to Burger King for going out of their way to actually educate folks on net neutrality. Now let’s all go back to hating Ajit Pai and his very punchable face.

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