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Iron & Irony: Burger King Introduces Sustainable Packaging, Burgers Still Taste Like Garbage

Burger King’s food tastes like garbage, but at least its new line of containers won’t go in the landfill. Starting next year, the fast-food chain will offer reusable containers. Yes, you read that right. Customers can opt in for the sustainable packaging for everything from coffee to burgers. They will be charged a deposit fee that will be refunded when they return the containers. (Unlike your coworker’s Tupperware, however, you don’t have to wash it first.)

The new reusable container program will only be available in New York, Portland, and Tokyo at first. It’s just the latest attempt for the company to stay relevant with eco-maniacs who apparently don’t care what they put in their bodies but care very much about what goes into the trash bin. BK introduced a lemongrass-fed beef Whopper this past summer to cut methane emissions. It also touted a plant-based Impossible Whopper that turned out to not be vegan. (Whoops.)

But whatever. BK can pretend to love the Earth all it wants. The timing, however, of the reusable container program is unfortunate at best. Is anybody really interested in eating food from a reusable container mid-coronavirus? ‘Cause that’ll kill you faster than global warming will…

Cover Photo: Burger King

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