Chinese Food
MODEL RELEASED. Woman sitting on bed with stomach cramps.

Florida Woman Who Thought She Ate Bad Chinese Food Turned Out To Be Pregnant


Where did Crystal Gail Amerson buy her latest round of Chinese food, from the same guy who sold Jack his magic beans?

According to the Pensacola News Journal, the 29-year-old Pensacola woman said she kept running back and forth between the bathroom and her bedroom for over an hour, and she thought it was the result of the Chinese food she ate for dinner Saturday night. The stomach pains grew increasingly worse to the point that Amerson had her fiancé call for an ambulance.

But instead of suffering from a severe case of food poisoning, Amerson was actually 37 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. Less than 30 minutes after the ambulance arrived, Oliver James was born en route to the hospital, joining the people of Earth at 18.9 inches and 5.27 pounds.

Photo: GoFundMe

Just how would a woman not know that she’s pregnant? Well, there are surprisingly quite a few possibilities.

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“Sometimes a woman doesn’t have a normal menstrual cycle so they don’t notice when they don’t have a period,” Dr. Julie DeCesare said. “Or they use a method of contraceptive so they think they can’t get pregnant, but then that method fails. Or some I’ve seen are just flat out in denial.”

What makes Amerson’s case so unique is that Oliver was her second child.

Our guess is that Amerson probably doesn’t want to tell Oliver that she thought he was a bad dish of chow mein, unless of course she’s into dropping thousands of dollars on therapy later in his life.