This Limited-Edition Gin Tastes Like Summer In A Bottle

Photo: Mark Scoggins (Getty Images)

Gin, with its juniper-based, botanical-filled flavored, is the best representation of summer in a bottle. What’s better than a classic gin and tonic on a hot day? Hendrick’s knows this and that’s why they took the idea one step further and actually released a summer-specific gin.

It’s called Midsummer Solstice and it’s the first offering made at the new Hendrick’s Gin Palace. This small-batch, limited-edition gin has the usual rose and cucumber essences Hendrick’s drinkers know and love, but it also contains “a careful arrangement of floral essences” along with a few summery ingredients like orange blossom.

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Just like summer, this gin is only available for a limited time. If you miss out on it, there are still plenty of gins to sip on all summer long. Pick up a few of our favorites below.

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