Ranked! The Hottest Female Superheroes in Movie History

Some of the most kickass females in cinema are superheroes. From Warner Bros./DC and Marvel movies of old to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe, Hollywood has brought to life classic comic book characters. It’s no secret that many of the women depicted throughout history on the page have been accompanied by curves, sensuality, and scantily-clad costumes. When translated to the big screen, a slew of actresses have made their characters much more than just a pair of tight pants; progressively redefining what it means to be a hot heroine. That said, they’re still extremely good looking: if Wonder Woman or Black Widow walked by you on the street, you’d stop paying attention to what you were doing and stare (even if it meant walking through traffic). Including badass mutants, meta-humans, and the super assassin, here are our top picks for the hottest female superheroes in movie history

Disclaimer: Margot Robbie isn’t on this list because Harley Quinn, despite appearing heroic on screen, is a supervillain not a superhero. Apologies to the fanboys.

Cover Photo: Marvel Studios/Warner Bros.

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