Enjoy This Craft Tequila Brand At an Equally Fine Discount

What tipple has been getting you through the lockdown? A lot of people are reportedly buying a lot more booze this year, and spirits seem to be everyone’s main choice of drink at the moment. But after several long weeks of staying home, sipping on the same thing might’ve become super boring at this point. It’s definitely time for you to explore finer options.

No one wants to keep taking shots of cheap liquor that burns. And you can’t get the perfect homemade margarita without a generous splash of premium tequila. Thankfully, we’ve got the right fix for you — the CaliFino premium agave tequila that’s carefully sourced and crafted from the highlands of Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico. This elite drink comes in Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo flavors, and it can be enjoyed as a shot, mixed in your favorite drink, sipped neatly, or on the rocks. If you don’t care about flavors and just want to enjoy a fine bottle of tequila, that’s alright too!

CaliFino Blanco Tequila

To enjoy fresh and clean notes of agave, go for the CaliFino Blanco tequila. This purely unaged drink is crystal clear, vibrant and bright, and is made from slowly cooked agave with sweet hints of vanilla, lime citrus, and the finest herbs. Rounded off with a smooth, full-body finish, the Blanco tequila is a good choice for your Friday night cocktails.

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CaliFino Reposado Tequila

Reposado means ‘rest,’ and that’s the feeling this smooth bottle of tequila will give you. The CaliFino Reposado is a golden drink that aged 12 months in the American White Oak Barrel and was double-distilled afterward in a lightly toasted barrel. Savor the scent of fresh oak barrel and hints of slow-cooked agave as you take a few shots of this at your next Zoom drinking party.

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CaliFino Añejo Tequila

If you’re a tequila enthusiast who prefers deeper, woodier notes like black tea, citrus, and chocolate layered over your agave flavors, then the CaliFino Añejo is a great choice. This bottle contains premium golden deep amber tequila that has a smooth finish of deeply toasted oak as well as the creamy texture of agave.

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CaliFino Extra Añejo Tequila

This rich dark wood amber tequila is for those who like some good old liquor. It’s aged at least seven years in American White Oak Barrel with a French Oak Barrel Finish and has a deep toasted barrel scent topped with slow-cooked agave and sweet caramel notes. For a warm caramel and agave finish that lingers to perfection, get a bottle of the CaliFino Extra Añejo tequila.

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