Blind Dog Discovers Puddle; We Rediscover Happiness and Love for First Time Since 2019

Doomscrolling” is the new term. What it means, we think, is either purposefully (or not) scrolling through various social mediums (the usual suspects: Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, etc.) and only seeing bad news. This is pretty easy to do these days, as it certainly seems like the world is ending, art is dead, and nothing matters. Still, once in a while, amidst all the doomscrolling, we come across the one thing that will never let us down; the only thing that will always be there in our time of need — dog videos.

The most recent video that has come across our interwebs is that of a blind dog discovering a puddle for the first time. And it’s everything you’d hope it would be. Dogs, just on principle, are our favorite things. Blind dogs, while kind of sad, are even more adorable. Blind dogs discovering something new is the literal epitome of cute video hierarchy. It’s right up there with deaf babies getting hearing instruments and military dads surprising their kids at school. Nothing warms our hearts more, so obviously, in these trying times, we want to share the good shit as much as possible.

This is the good shit. We’ll get back to making fun of President Trump and trying to figure out what the fuck is happening in Florida momentarily. But, for now, we just want to watch this video on loop, because the unadulterated joy this dog experiences brings an immense amount of joy to our otherwise bitter, cynical, doomed hearts.

Cover Photo: Twitter

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