Woman Banned From Town After Having Public Sex And Punching Blind Man

Photo: AmandaLewis (Getty)

Try and keep up with us because this story here is a bizarre one.

Let’s all talk about 36-year-old Natasha Claus (no relation to Santa). Claus was recently sent to prison and banned from the town of Woking, Surrey, after various acts. Those acts? Riding a motorbike while naked, having sex in the street and to top it all off punching a blind guy in the chest. And if you’re looking for details Claus was actually caught “being fingered by a man.” How’s that for details?


She [Claus] admitted outraging public decency after she was caught in the middle of a sex act that Judge Peter Ross said was “no doubt for money.” A mother with her two children asked her to stop and Claus responded by threatening to punch her. When she was arrested at the scene police said her jeans were pulled up, but her knickers were in her handbag.

Claus was in the habit of befriending vulnerable men then taking advantage of them. Trouble flared when one of those men was threatened with being kicked out of his flat by the local council because of her anti-social behavior.

They argued and Claus attacked him. Because he was registered blind, he couldn’t tell if it was with her palm or fist. When being arrested for the attack, she assaulted two police officers calling one of them a ‘P**i c**t’. Defense barrister Timothy Leete said that she was addicted to inhaling butane gas, leading Judge Moss to tell her “your life is a mess.” The judge added: “Any assault on a vulnerable person is very serious indeed, as is any attack on the police officers who we have a moral obligation to protect.”

Oh boy, this lady is something.

Claus was not only banned from Woking, but she was also sent to jail for 13 months. Here’s how it breaks down: Claus was jailed for three months for the assault on the blind man, and two months for each attack on the police officer. Claus was also handed two months for being racist to one of the officers, one month for outraging public decency and another month for abusing the woman who asked her to stop the sex act. And on top of all that Claus was also jailed for four months for breaching a suspended jail sentence.

Claus probably should refrain from mentioning any of this on her next date.

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