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Meanwhile in California: Woman Crashed Car Into Tree While Having Sex With Co-Worker (Get a Room Already)

There’s a reason the saying “Get a room” has endured. It’s because when people try to bang anywhere other than a bed in a private place, bad things happen. Just ask Kimberly Carnahan, a woman from Olivehurst, California, who was arrested after crashing her car into a tree…while having sex with an underage co-worker.

Carnahan is in a whole heap of trouble for the incident. According to KNEWZ, she “faces counts of having sexual intercourse with a minor, oral copulation with a minor under the age of 18 and oral copulation with the threat of retaliation, as well as sending harmful matter to a minor and threatening a witness.”

Authorities started looking into Carnahan last week after receiving a report from a mother who said her minor son had been involved in a sexual relationship with an older, female co-worker. The name and nature of the workplace and the exact age of her boy toy have not been released.

Carnahan is currently being held in jail on $100K bond. Somehow, we’re guessing whatever job she used to have isn’t shelling out enough for her to pay that – and chances are, her illegal lover probably isn’t coming to her rescue anytime soon.

Let this be a lesson, kids: next time you want to boink with anyone – inappropriate co-worker or otherwise – do so on dry land or somewhere you won’t inadvertently end up crashing into a tree. No orgasm is worth that kind of injury.

Cover Photo: RuslanDashinsky (Getty Images)