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Ryan Reynolds Shares Father’s Day Cocktail Recipe (And It Has the Most Outrageous Name)

Leave it to Ryan Reynolds to keep things interesting. The latest stunt by the Deadpool star combines both Father’s Day and booze (anyone who’s a parent will completely understand). But what caught our attention isn’t the cocktail recipe per se that Reynolds is hawking on YouTube but rather the title of the signature drink.

It’s called a Vasectomy. Yup, you read that right. Reynolds named his latest Aviation American Gin creation after the medical procedure that makes men sterile.

We don’t know how much Reynolds knows about an actual vasectomy (though surely it’s something he’s considered after fathering three daughters: 6-year-old James, 4-year-old Inez, and 1-year-old Betty with his wife Blake Lively) but he does know his stuff when it comes to mixing the “mother of all cocktails” otherwise known as the Vasectomy.

How do you make this delicious adult beverage? Well, as Reynolds demonstrates in the video (with a hearty side of snark), you start with a tall glass of ice (“The way children fill our lives with so much joy”). Next, add cranberry juice (“Sweet: just like their little smiles”). Then, pour in some tonic (“So bubbly, just like I feel every day I wake up after a long, full night’s sleep”). Finish it off with some lemon juice (“Fresh if you have a few minutes to squeeze one or store-bought if the little ones have you running around a bit today. The little scamps”) and, of course, Aviation American Gin (“the world’s highest-rated gin for the world’s highest-rated job: dad”). Garnish, stir, and enjoy.

“Mmm, now that is as refreshing as fatherhood,” he says after taking a sip.

We can’t guarantee you’ll feel as fulfilled by fatherhood as Reynolds apparently does, but cocktails? Now those are satisfying every single time.

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