Pink Kicks Ass on Twitter in Response to Capitol Riots, Then Tells Everyone ‘Kiss My Entire Ass’ (Please and Thank You)

Pink has a big voice. Even if you’re not a fan of the pop songstress’ tunes, you know this. And like a lot of people last week, the “Dear Mr. President” singer used it to blast Donald Trump and his supporters as insurrectionists took over the Capitol.

“As a United States Citizen, and the daughter of two veterans, and the sister of another, I am ashamed of what is happening in Washington,” she wrote. “Hypocrisy, shame, Embarrassment. Unpatriotic hypocritical sheep drinking poison Kool aid. This a sad day for America.”

Pink continued: “Trump supporters can never again spew that bullshit about peaceful protests and BLUE LIVES MATTER. you have finally and totally proven to the world what HYPOCRITES and animals you are. FOUR DEAD, and what have you accomplished. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame.”

And she ended her rant with a well-put “Fuck you Donald Trump.” Unsurprisingly, the outspoken artist got a fair amount of clap back from deplorables who thought she should keep her political beliefs to herself and confine her pipes to power ballads.

“I’d tone back your responses a bit Pink! Remember a lot of these Trump supporters are Pink supporters,” @dorimeadows wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “Use your platform for the good& not to continue to spew your disgust for Trump. Push for solutions. You & Carey have a huge following. Use it. Unity. Peace. Love.”

Pro tip: Don’t bring platitudes to a war of words with a songwriter.

“I do have a platform. I use it for good,” Pink replied. “And I will never sit down and shut up because my ass kicking Air Force veteran badass superhero of a father taught this little badass that her voice matters. I’ve checked all my career boxes, And I’ve been standing up to bullies all my life.”

At that point, Pink had exhausted her eloquence (and who can blame her?).

“So, kindly, kiss my entire ass,” she tweeted, with the addendum, “With love and light of course.”

Class and sass. What a winning combo. Who knew Pink would end up being a role model for how to comport oneself on social media in the midst of political unrest?

Cover Photo: Mauricio Santana / Contributor (Getty Images)

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