Daughter Outs Mom For Capitol Riots, And You Thought Last Christmas Was Awkward

We love our parents. (Mostly.) You probably do, too. But the sad fact is that the people who raised us can be hypocrites at times. Sometimes, we let it slide. Other times, we call them out. But one Twitter user is going viral for the brutal outing of her mother, who participated in the Capitol insurrection earlier this month.

“hi mom remember the time you told me I shouldn’t go to BLM protests bc they could get violent…this you?” Helena Duke asked on the social media platform. The accompanying video shows a white, middle-aged, female pro-Trumper reaching for a Black security guard’s face mask – and getting a faceful of fist in return. Towards the end of the video, the white woman is shown whimpering into bystanders’ cell phone screens with blood streaming down her face.

The woman is Therese Duke, and she apparently told her daughter that on Jan. 6, she was getting a medical procedure. Instead, she went to riot with the Proud Boys. Helen recognized her mom in the news footage and identified her, an aunt, and an uncle as participants in the chaos that ensued in the nation’s capital city. Therese has been fired from her job as a result.

As for Helena, she appeared on TMZ Live and said that while she feels guilty for turning her mom in, she has no regrets.

This should make the next family get-together even more awkward than usual…let’s hope Helena live-tweets that.

Cover Photo: Freedom News TV

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