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Tropicana Shamed For Suggesting Parents Make Secret Mimosas, And How Would You Suggest We Get Through the Day?

Every now and then, Mommy and Daddy need a drink. Their kids may not know exactly what’s in that drink, but they get the concept: we all need a little time-out on occasion. So you can’t blame orange juice brand Tropicana for crafting ads aimed at their target market – stressed-out parents – and encouraging them to use their product to whip up mimosas on the down-low.

“Parents, you’re juggling it all! Find the ultimate moment of brightness for yourself – wherever and whenever – with a Tropicana mimosa, of course! #TakeAMimoment to help make your mornings a little brighter,” stated the (now-removed) ad, which featured clips of secret fridges filled with orange, OJ, and Champagne stashed in a closet, the bathroom, and the garage.

You gotta admit, #TakeAMimoment is a pretty good pun. But teetotalers of the internet lost their shit over the implication that Mom and Dad should drink on the sly.

“The @Tropicana #TakeAMimoment campaign: Women lying to their families, sneaking off to consume alcohol hidden in secret compartments. Slamming a mimosa in the laundry room isn’t cute and it’s not ‘treating yourself.’ That’s 1950s ‘mother’s little helper’ bulls—,” one Twitter user said.

The company apparently received enough backlash, much of it from sobriety groups, that the entire campaign – which was going to include celebs like Molly Sims, Gabrielle Union and Jerry O’Connell – was shelved. The company also released a ridiculously long apology.

And yet, most of the remaining tweets on the internet indicate that parents are more than willing to take Tropicana up on its imbibe-able stress-relieving technique.

In other words: you do you, Tropicana. And if you happen to be a parent who needs a little pick-me-up to get going in the morning, by all means, cheers! Just don’t let your kids steal a sip.

Cover Photo: Twitter

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