Wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat, a Trump supporter watches the NYC Women's March on Jan. 21, 2017. Photo by Brit Worgan

Battle of the Sexes: MAGA Bros Are Using Dating Apps to Brag About Capitol Riot Involvement (And Women Are Turning Them in)

We don’t recommend using dating apps to fuck with people for no reason. (Being single is hard enough as it is.) But if you have a good reason, it’s totally OK to use those platforms to push people’s buttons. Or, in this case, swipe right even if you don’t mean it.

An account called @wefuckinghatedonaldtrump turned us on to a viral tweet by Alia Awadallah about MAGA bros bragging on dating apps about being involved in the Capitol insurrection. The tweet is generating a ton of buzz on the social media platform.

“This is funny but actually serious. There are DOZENS of men on DC dating apps right now who were clearly here for the insurrection attempt yesterday. Some say it directly, others are obvious from MAGA clothing, location tags, etc. Is that info useful at all for law enforcement?” she tweeted.

The replies were hilarious.

Then an attorney named Allison Norris chimed in. Apparently, some women aren’t taking the “America First” bullshit lying down. Instead, they’re fighting back – by using the Proud Boys’ pictures against them…to turn them into the FBI.

“I know a friend of a friend who changed her preference on Bumble to Conservative,” she said. “She’s matching with MAGA bros and they’re bragging and sending her pics and videos of them in the Capitol. She’s sending them to the FBI.”

Twitter loved this idea.

We can’t think of a better way to take down hyper-masculine “ammosexuals” who won’t leave their mamas’ basements to get jobs but somehow made it all the way to Washington D.C. just to fuck some shit up in our nation’s capital.

Go get ‘em ladies. And don’t forget to film it a la Borat when you do.

Cover Photo: Brit Worgan (Getty Images)

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