Viral ‘Siblings or Dating?’ Game Is More Fun Than Your Last Tinder Date

Dating is such a drag – especially right now, mid-pandemic, when the entire process basically consists of long conversations via video call. While you could spend your free time swiping through airbrushed photos that barely resemble the person who posted them on a dating app, there’s a much better way to pass the quarantine time. It’s an Instagram game called “Siblings or Dating?”

The premise is simple: the popular account @siblingsordating posts a photo featuring two people who definitely look like they’re into each other…and also a little related? Then you have to decide if they’re actually siblings or if they’re dating. Click to the second picture to see if you’re right or wrong.

What makes this game tough is that people seem to pick partners they resemble – that, or siblings are so loving toward one another they look like they could be in a romantic relationship. We tried 10 just to see how we did…and only got two right.

So until you have a truly hot date lined up (and if you’re following social distancing guidelines, let’s be honest: that could be months away), entertain yourself with this kind of creepy but totally irresistible game. There are enough pics on the account to last you quite a while.

We’re just waiting for the day when the game tricks all of us and posts a pic of a couple of sibs in backwater Alabama that actually are dating. Talk about the ultimate “gotcha!”

Cover Photo: Instagram

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