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San Francisco Sky Turns Apocalyptic Orange, Twitter Predicts End Times Are Near

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, the sky turned a new color now known as “apocalyptic orange.” At least it did in San Francisco today. Twitter was overrun with images this morning of the eerily tangerine-hued town.

This wouldn’t be so strange if these pictures were taken at sunset. But they weren’t. It was before noon Pacific time when these were tweeted out, making some wonder if they woke up on another planet. While we have to admit this Bay Area aesthetic just hits different, the amount of pollution indicated by the changing skies is troubling. Wildfires ravaging California — some caused by a gender reveal party gone awry — are to blame.

The creepy pumpkin glow, while ideal for the Halloween season soon upon us, was paired with falling ash and smoke. The scene drew immediate comparisons to Blade Runner.

Photo: Warner Bros.

We’re pretty sure at this point that 2020 is trying to kill us, be it with coronavirus, wildfires, pollution. Armageddon, is that you?

Cover Photo: @Gi1es (Twitter)

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