A Decade of Driver: How Kylo Ren Fulfilled His Destiny and Became One of the Best Actors in Hollywood

So Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker wraps up Kylo Ren’s story interestingly. While the character might have met an anti-climatic end, the actor who plays him appears to be destined for much more. Adam Driver has gone from Girls and a big-budget franchise to a slew of other impressive projects. Big money is on him getting an Academy Award nomination for his role in Marriage Story this year (he already has a Golden Globe nomination). Driver’s stock has risen exponentially in the past few years, probably because when this guy acts, it feels like he’s just being himself. Darth Vader’s angsty grandson who can’t make a lightsaber to save his life (literally) is one of the best actors in Hollywood. Including his turn to the dark side, the following list contains some of the Marine-turned-theater-junkie’s most prominent roles up until now.

Cover Photo: Fingerprint Releasing 

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