Actress Marion Cotillard Shows Off Her Cleavage On Instagram

If you’re still not sure of who Marion Cotillard is, have you been living under a dumpster? If you have, I’m sorry. And let me remind you that the 41-year-old is an Oscar winner who has been in tons of movies, including Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio. And the usually low-key gal surprised many people recently by putting her goods on display in a series of very hot Instagram photos.

Cotillard showed off some photos from her latest movie Rock ‘N Roll, which is a movie written by and co-starring her husband Guillaume Canet. Now the film is already out in France, and you probably won’t see it, so let us just show you the photos Cotillard shared.

Oh, and as a heads up, the actress has not had lip injections — it’s not real, and was done for the movie. But since you won’t read this, you will go off and make comments about her lips. Oh well, we tried.

So take a look at them thanks to Cotillard’s Instagram.


Photo: Instagram/Marion Cotillard


Photo: Instagram/Marion Cotillard


Photo: Instagram/Marion Cotillard

Here’s more of her:

A post shared by @marioncotillard on

A post shared by @marioncotillard on

Sure, she’s playing a character, but oh my, we certainly like this side of Cotillard.

h/t Daily Mail

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