Ariana Grande Holds Super Secret Wedding, Weird Considering How Publicly She Celebrates Everything Else

Sorry guys, Ariana Grande is officially off the market. The pop star and aspiring robot recently tied the knot with 25-year-old real estate broker Dalton Gomez in a whirlwind weekend ceremony. With only the couple’s nearest and dearest in attendance, the nuptials were held in complete secrecy at Grande’s Montecito, CA home.

Which is pretty weird, right? For a pop star who thrives off publicity, letting everyone know about her hookups and breakups over the years (not to mention her extreme passion for sexual mathematics), the lowkey wedding seems a bit off-brand. Either it’s a sign of how serious Grande is taking her new relationship or a weird symptom of Covid no one’s ever heard about.

The newlyweds were first spotted kissing in a bar in February 2020. Things quickly escalated during quarantine, with the pair appearing in Justin Beiber’s music video ‘Stuck With U’ a few months later. And it looks like they took the lyrics to heart because the two went ahead and got stuck together legally.

Grande was previously engaged to SNL’s Pete Davidson after an abrupt breakup with late-rapper Mac Miller. As everyone in the galaxy knows, the details of both relationships were anything but secret. Grande wrote an entire album detailing her thoughts on the doomed relationships, even going so far as to call one of her songs ‘Pete Davidson’. Subtle.

With such a long history of airing her dirty laundry, it’s no wonder fans are surprised by the recent turn of events. So who is Dalton Gomez? The Southern Californian and graduate of USC is a luxury real estate broker who works exclusively with young celebrities. In just a few short years, Lopez has reportedly become the most popular real estate agent in the country.

Let’s just hope it’s smooth sailing from here on out. Despite marriage being one of the weirdest ways to cap a year in quarantine, we’re always rooting for true love. Besides, we really don’t think we can handle another breakup album from pop music’s queen of the jilted ex diss track.

Cover Photo: CBS Photo Archive (Getty Images)

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