You Can Now Swipe on Instagram to Buy Tequila, Likely Safer Than Swiping Right on Tinder

Whether you use dating apps, look at photos on your phone, or sift through your friends’ Instagram accounts, you’ve definitely had some experience with swiping. But, what if a simple swipe could yield a boozy treat? Well, according to Adweek, that fever dream is now a reality. That’s because you can now order tequila industry leader Patrón by simply swiping on your Instagram account. When you see an ad for a delicious, high-octane bottle of tequila pop up on your Instagram feed, simply swipe. Companies like Drizly, Instacart, and ReserveBar will then take care of your purchase and delivery. That’s right, you see tequila, you swipe, they charge you, and they even drop it off at your apartment. Just in time for Taco Tuesday, baby! What tequila-fueled shenanigans and mishaps ensue are completely up to you. Swiping for tequila makes us think about our favorite cocktails using the popular Mexican spirit as their base. Check out which drinks we’d mix it into below.

Photo: Dan Dalton (Getty Images)

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