Realistic Rubber Muscle Suit Says Skip the Gym and Keep Your Covid Bod

Photo: Smitizen

If you’re anything like us, while spending most of the last year stuck at home, you didn’t find a lot of time to work out. Also, since stress and anxiety are known to be catalysts for binge eating carb-filled, calorically ridiculous snacks, we can only assume you might have packed on a few pounds during the pandemic. Even if your gym is open again, the odds are you’re a little sheepish to visit it for fear that you won’t gain admittance because your new fat face doesn’t even remotely resemble the thin, muscular face on your membership card. Don’t worry, you don’t need to work out to look swole. All you need is a super-realistic muscle suit.

If you simply want the appearance of a ripped bod, visit Chinese commercial site Taobao and grab yourself a muscle suit from Smitizen brand. And we know what you’re thinking — this isn’t a cheesy, foam-filled, over-the-top costume.

No, this suit is silicone-based and molded to look like you have rippling, vein-filled biceps, abs, and everything else that takes way too much self-control to gain in real life.

The 100% medical-grade silicone suits are selling for upwards of $100 so you will have to pay a little bit to purchase that perfect beach bod this summer. They come as upper, lower, or full-body casts. Just remember that since they’re made of silicone, you probably wouldn’t want to stay out in the sun too long rocking your glistening glutes in your board shorts. They probably don’t really breathe very well and you might have a remarkably sweaty, uncomfortable afternoon.

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