Miracle Drug Might Let You Binge-Eat Without Weight Gain

Photo: Image Source/Steve Prezant (Getty Images)

Scientists are listening to our inner fat kids and working towards a miracle drug that will allow us to gorge on food without having to deal with weight gain. This is according to a new study that will hopefully lead to a pill allowing us to have pizza every day and not think twice about getting chubby.

Researchers at Australia’s Flinders University used mice as test subjects and found that removing a specific gene prevented weight gain in the rodents. The gene, RCAN1, was blocked and the mice went to town on high-fat foods without building on their miniature love handles. Mickey and friends pigged out without consequence, it seems.

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“We know a lot of people struggle to lose weight or even control their weight for a number of different reasons,” said Professor Damien Keating, lead researcher for the study. “The findings in this study could mean developing a pill which would target the function of RCAN1 and may result in weight loss.”

This is great news for people like us who are totally about keeping a healthy weight but have what some people might call an unhealthy addiction to pizza. Imagine being able to hog down an extra-large supreme pie and not have to worry about your scale breaking under your feet. We’ll save a ton of money in scale replacements.

Obesity is, quite literally, one of America’s biggest problems. The results of this study might just be the first great step we take in combating this epidemic. And after we win that war we can celebrate by going out for beers and not worry about the calorie intake. First round’s on us.

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More studies are obviously necessary before we start going ham on the dessert menu, so don’t start ordering those extra toppings quite yet. Human testing hasn’t even begun, so unless you’re a mouse with a weight problem, it’s best to continue eating healthy and getting to the gym. Believe, however, when this drug becomes available we’re eating all the food.

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