Doctors Ate Lego Heads For This Crappy Study

Photo: Leon Neal (Getty Images)

Researchers are hard at work to ensure you know exactly how long it takes to poop out a Lego if you so happen to eat one. One might ask what kind of person would volunteer for this kind of study. Well, doctors were the brave souls who stepped up to eat Legos and sifted through their excrement, all for your health.

The study was performed in an effort to find out how long it takes for a Lego piece to work its way from your mouth, through the belly, and out your butt pipe. Six pediatricians were part of the study because kids are always putting things in their mouths, and the hope is they learned enough about what to do if a child swallows a piece. We would hope they learned a good deal by voluntarily digging through their feces.

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The volunteers each swallowed Lego heads and allowed their bodies to work them through their systems. Their pre-ingestion bowel habits were calculated through a system they called the Stool Hardness and Transit score, otherwise known as SHAT. Yes, that’s right, that’s what these brilliant minds decided to call it. They also documented what they called the Found and Retrieve Time or FART when scoring the time it takes for the pieces to get through and be found. We applaud these acronyms in the name of science.

What they found out is the Lego pieces averaged a FART score of 1.71 days. So essentially, if you swallowed Lego Batman’s mask, it would take almost two days before it came out your Batcave.

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The study concluded that Legos pass through the human body quickly and efficiently. So if you have a kid who swallowed one, you don’t have to check their following bowel movements to see if they came out. You can count on these things making it out without you having to worry about sifting through their crap to confirm it.