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Manly Men Resist Showing Their Pups Affection to Appear More Macho, Study Says They’re a Piece of Shih Tzu

The whole point of having a pet, in our humble opinion, is to douse it with all the affection you can’t share with your fellow humans, be it through their fault or your own. But a new study suggests that some men – specifically, the manly ones – withhold their love, even from their four-legged best friends, so that they appear more macho.

The study, published in Anthrozoös, was titled “Do Men Underreport and Mask Their Emotional Attachment to Animal Companions? The Influence of Precarious Masculinity on Men’s Bonds with Their Dogs” (which kind of says it all). It concluded that dudes who adhere to traditional gender roles “mask and underreport the strength of attachment to their animal companions due to masculinity concerns.” They also struggle with “placing into words the bond they have with their dogs.”

In plainer speak, hyper-masculine guys are more likely to downplay their feelings for their furbabies, and presumably are less loving with them as a result.

Maybe we’re just not manly enough, but we can’t resist the wiles of our canine companions. In fact, our dogs would probably prefer it if we toned down the snuggles and smooches, especially when company is present. To all you guys who deny your dogs affection, all we have to say is: you’re a piece of Shih Tzu.

Cover Photo: PhotoAlto/Katarina Sundelin (Getty Images)



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